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But I want to discuss the way Persona 5 handles it's LGBT themes. These two unnamed men are the only explicitly gay characters in the game: .. was the MC just didn't want to be seen as 'dating' another guy which I mean.
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Taking a look at the LGBT representation in Persona 5 (Light Spoilers)

I believe I met the man of my dreams. We have so much in common and the love we have is real. Thank you poz. The local general practitioner, Takemi is living and working in exile, disgraced by a falling-out with her former employer. She is punk as hell and spends half the game feeding you experimental medicine that has drastic side-effects, sometimes knocking you out for hours at a time and leaving you with no memory of what took place.


These are your adult romance options in Persona 5. Three women at various crisis points in their careers and lows in their personal lives, desperate and lonely and vulnerable. And along come you, the player, a kid with a dangerous rep and a pretty haircut, ready to sit, listen to their problems and offer all the help they need, up to and including stealing the hearts of the men and women who have led to their downfall.

On the other hand, the doctor is hot. Functionally, your relationships with these characters are no different than any other in the game. You spend time with them, you listen, you say the right things, you go some places with them, and over time your bonds of friendship will grow.

Atlus, We Haven't Forgotten Your Mishandling of LGBTQ Characters - Waypoint

This is a high school kid. With a grown-up. There are lot of things to unpack. Aside from the obvious moral considerations present, especially when it comes to dating your teacher , there are also legal issues! And why the teacher you can date happens to also moonlight as a maid, that most well-worn of otaku tropes, and who is scruffy by day but cute as a button by night. Some of whom are around your age and spend time with you eating ramen and working out and studying.

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  • Atlus, We Haven't Forgotten Your Mishandling of LGBTQ Characters.

Now, all this is coming from my perspective, as a heterosexual male who played the game as such. Would I see this differently were the protagonist a girl and the doctor, journalist and teacher all grown men? Or if the player had the option to pursue a gay relationship? So I asked Persona 5 fansite Kotaku. She had.

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The answer was a little bit of both. But the point where it was something I could acknowledge publicly and on social media came after my high school graduation when I came out to my parents.

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When she spoke of my future, she would make references to a wife I was never going to have and she was the only person in my life who still imagined this distorted future. Over time, what she thought were harmless discussions became tiresome, as she projected expectations onto my life that would never come to pass. I tend to play as malleable protagonists with a self-insert mindset. Series like Mass Effect and Fable come to mind, ones that allowed me to make my character a representation of myself in more than just appearance and morality, but in who they were pursuing romantically.

Persona 5 focuses heavily on not only romantic connection, but also on a camaraderie among its core cast. The group of high school kids the game follows, the Phantom Thieves, are all brought together by tragedy and a desire to see justice realized against corrupt authority figures.

The game does a fantastic job of selling that this cast loves each other like a family, and most of the time I felt like a part of that family, not like I was on the outside looking in.